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Mid century modern bed frame – Mid-Century Modern design aesthetics developed back in the 1930, but is more closely associated with urban planning and architecture from the 1950. 1960. Mid-century modern design celebrating the simplicity and minimalism by creating continuous surfaces with seamlessly integrated elements from floor to ceiling. Rooms designed in this style create clean, quiet spaces by monochromatic colors, elegant architectural lines and limited embellishments on furniture or accessories.

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The general landscape of the room under the floor, wall and ceiling should include a subdued color scheme with a limited number of patterns or textures. Even the carpet is a traditional choice for most mid century modern bed frame floor, avoiding highly structured or colorful rugs that can make the room feel dated. Very light or very dark hardwood floors or even single-colored tiles are more appropriate choices. Keep wall colors simple and monochromatic, choose neutral colors like white, cream, light gray, slate or beige. To create an unexpected color contrast, paint the wall behind the bed in a bright accent color like lime or burnt orange. Match other details such as bedspreads or rugs area accent wall color to create cohesion. Avoid textured ceiling or harsh overhead lighting, keeping ceilings simply by painting them white or light gray.

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Mid-century modern bed frame furniture is minimalist and elegant, avoid ornate wooden bed frames and headboards with substantial carving or inlay work. Instead, opt for a low sitting bed frames painted wood for a clean, simple look, black, white, red or blue box bed frames without headboards or foot boards offer an elegant and understated look. Match simple box nightstands and bureaus to the bed frame to create cohesion. To add interest, select a small piece of accent furniture, such as a chair in an unexpected materials like brushed steel or plastic. Do not add too much furniture for the space, store items in cupboards or under-bed drawers to avoid clutter

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Mid century modern bed frame style contains a minimal selection of extraordinary decor in the bed frame. design. Keep dressers, nightstands and desks free of debris, or miscellaneous items. Choose one or two dramatic and interesting artwork and display them in a dominant part of the room. Wire and metal wall hangings shaped into abstract tree or sunbathing add a dramatic visual contrast and texture to a room. Reproductions of bright works of art by contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol and Frank Stella in simple black frames also add color, life and sophistication to your mid-century modernist bed frames.